Business Management Consultants (BMC): Business Management Consultants is a dynamic and innovative consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes achieve sustainable growth, streamline operations, and maximize profitability.

With a team of seasoned industry experts and a client-centric approach, we provide tailored solutions to address the unique challenges faced by businesses in today's competitive landscape


Services Offered by
Business Management Consultations (BMC)





Consultation Services to any Business OrganizationIn terms of Diagnosis, Development Advice,Development Works, Re-engineering.

  • Strategic Business Planning:
  • BMC collaborates closely with clients to develop comprehensive strategic plans that align with their vision and objectives. BMC offers wide and diverse consultation services to its clients’ organizations by diagnosing their performance gaps, improvement opportunities, optimizing scopes, re-engineering prospects and developing of processes & policies, SOPs and functional behaviors. Our expert consultants analyze market trends, competition, and internal capabilities to chart a clear path to success.

  • Operational Efficiency:
  • We streamline business processes, improve workflow, and enhance efficiency, rationalize resource allocation to drive optimum business performance. BMC identifies bottlenecks and implements solutions that optimize productivity and reduce operational costs.

  • Financial Management:
  • Our financial experts offer services ranging from budgeting and forecasting to financial analysis and risk management. We help clients make informed decisions that maximize profitability and fiscal stability.

  • Human Resources Consulting:
  • BMC assists in talent acquisition, performance management, employee development, and HR policy development. We ensure that organizations have the right people, in the right roles, to achieve their strategic objectives.

  • Change Management:
  • Managing organizational change is critical to success. BMC helps clients navigate transitions, mergers, and acquisitions while minimizing disruption and ensuring a smooth transition.


    BMC offers collaborative services to businesses, leveraging our vast network and utilizing resources to enhance efficiency and productivity.

  • BMC Human Resources Support and Supply:
  • BMC offers ready-made skilled human resources support including consultants to any organization in their need. We provide skilled//semi-skilled/unskilled (drivers, cook, mechanical technicians, electrical technicians, support service staff, cleaner, peon etc.) manpower support to any organization.

  • Offshoring Services:
  • With our panel of industry experts from the wide network, we do work for our clients for carrying out their Strategic, Tactical & Functional activities like Sourcing, Purchasing, Negotiation, Warehousing etc. through an outsourcing arrangement.


    BMC offers professional business management training to individual, group and organizations for the growth of their professional competencies.

  • Study & Preparation Support for Professional Membership Status:
  • BMC offers study & preparation supports of CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, UK) & PMP (Project Management Professional) Certifications (through exams) and prestigious membership status like MCIPS and PMP.

  • Professional Training for Professionals and Starters:
  • BMC offers wide range of training programs to support professionals and starters both for unlocking potentials of the participants. We offer many professional and functional training for the optimization of fulfilling business need. Our syllabus and offerings always offer and focus on most contemporary business needs and issues.

    Client Industries:

    BMC serves a diverse clientele across various industries, including but not limited to:














    BMC was established by a group of partners who originated from various professional backgrounds. These partners came together with a shared vision of creating a company that would provide innovative solutions to complex business challenges.

    BMC' s partners and consultants possess diverse backgrounds in SCM, Finance, Technology, Marketing, and Management, which enables them to offer unique expertise and experience to companies of all sizes, industries, and continents, helping them optimize their operations and organization.


    Vision Statements

    Sharing professional knowledge for the development of world class management of business to country’s organizations and professional human resources. Serving to the country for the optimization of organizational strengths, capacity build-up and developing skilled professionals in line of most contemporary Professional Management of Business.

    Mission Statements

    Helping Organizations and individuals to optimize potential outcome through the intervention of Global Business Practices. Offering the top most standards of quality and service, aiming at nurturing contemporary professional competencies and providing efficient & effective business and human resources development solutions.


  • Expertise:
  • All our consultants, Trainers/Facilitators are legends in the industry in terms of their diverse professional job experience, recognition, membership and reputation in the business market. They are highly experienced, working long time in different Multinational/National organizations and achieved professional insight, foreseeing business moves, conversant with the technologies & have divergent business knowledge.

  • Professional Recognition:
  • Most of the Consultants, Trainers/Facilitators have long Teaching and Facilitation experience including teaching in Professional courses i.e CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, UK). Additionally, Consultants, Trainers/Facilitators are very sound in their respective academic background and have distinct short-term, long-term Training / Workshop / Conference experiences from different foreign countries. Our functional team also comprises with seasoned consultants having deep industry knowledge and extensive experience in business management and strategy.

  • Customized Solutions:
  • We understand that each business is unique. BMC tailors solutions to address the specific challenges and opportunities of each client. N.B.: For a particular program – the individual profile of the Consultants, Trainers/ Facilitators is shared based on the customized need of the program of clients’ organizations.

  • Results-Oriented:
  • We are committed to delivering tangible results. Our track record includes numerous success stories of clients achieving sustainable growth and improved profitability.

  • Client-Centric Approach:
  • Building strong, long-term client relationships is at the core of BMC's philosophy. We prioritize open communication, collaboration, and responsiveness to client needs.

  • Innovation:
  • In a rapidly changing business landscape, BMC remains at the forefront of innovation and best practices. We incorporate cutting-edge solutions to keep our clients competitive.

    At Business Management Consultants (BMC), we are dedicated to helping businesses thrive, adapt, and succeed in a constantly evolving marketplace. Contact us today to explore how we can unlock your organization and your full potentials and lead you towards a brighter future.

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